Bespoke Tailoring

We know it is important to understand the customer’s personality.

We can advise customers on everything from shaping the lapel to compliment a customer’s face, to what pattern will heighten your skin tone.

Each bespoke garment is hand-cut and handmade by our team who boast over 40 years of combined fashion experience.

During this time, you will discuss the purpose of the garment, when it is required and any specific design details that you require. With this information, we will be able to guide you as to the best cloth available from the thousands available from the world’s best mills.

At this fitting process, we will capture your anatomy through our own art of fitting for your garments.

Within four to six weeks your garments will be ready for its first fitting.

At this stage, the partially finished garment you try on will have half constructed features.

The garment in this skeleton form will give you the first impression of your finished product.

Two to three weeks after first fitting, your garment will be ready for its final fitting. At this stage, and when you are completely satisfied with the garment you will be able to take it away with pride.


A bespoke garment is a one-off garment made for one individual by another.

A bespoke garment offers the best fit available for a client considering not only a client’s posture and anatomy but also their personality and their individual tastes.

Measurements are not haphazardly taken and then sent off for a computer to decide on what is the best fit for you is. Instead, a cutter carefully translates them onto the cloth of your choice through our understanding the science of cutting with craftsmanship.

The cutter must not only translate the client’s actual measurements into a garment but also the nuances of their personality which truly set a bespoke garment aside from an off the rack one.

Designing Based on Anatomy
— Frank C. Doblin