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Our house provides an array of services including alterations, complete wardrobe planning for ladies and gentlemen according to your career, business and social needs.

Mass-produced garments are made to standard sizes and will hardly work for everyone else since each person has unique body shape.

As we understand the structure of garment, we are able to tweak your garments to fit your body shape and make it yours.

As fashions change, you may have some clothes in your wardrobe that are out of date.

With our remodelling services, we can help you to change the style of your favourite older clothes and keep your wardrobe in line with current styles.



At SABÉ Bespoke house, we will observe your figure to deduct the fault of the garments and correct adjustment to make your garments fit into your body perfectly.

Each person has their own beauty in their proportion and shape. We determine the best harmony between your garments and your body. Also, we will bring back to you the inner satisfaction of wearing garments.

Geometric system of anatomy by ancient Egyptian

Geometric system of anatomy by ancient Egyptian

Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”
— A. Ashe