Sabe by Vinny the Tailor

The Bespoke Process

Vinny The Tailor consultation

Vinny The Tailor consultation

The cutter must translate not only the clients actual measurements into a garment but also the nuances of their personality which truly set a bespoke garment aside from an off the rack one.

After setting making an appointment with Vinny, you should expect to spend about 45 minutes for your initial consultation.

During this time you will discuss the purpose of the garment, when it is required and any particular design details that you require. With this information Vinny will be able to guide you as to the best cloth available from the thousands available from the world’s best mills.

At this fitting Vinny will also take the actual measurements from your body for your suit.

Within three to four weeks your garments will be ready for its first fitting. At this stage the partially finished garment you try on will have only one sleeve and the canvas will still be exposed. The garment in this skeleton form will give you the first impression of your finished garment.

Two to three weeks after this your garment will be ready for its final fitting. At this stage,and when you are completely satisfied with the garment you will be able to take it away with you.

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