Sabe by Vinny the Tailor

To bespoke or not to bespoke?

At Sabe, we get a lot of questions about the tailoring services we offer.

At Sabe we provide fully-customised, bespoke garments of the highest quality. We take great care of our customers from the initial consultation process, through to fabric selection, right to the final fitting.

Vinny the Tailor cuts and crafts every garment by hand. The possibilities are endless, unlike other notable made-to-measure brands.

We are definitely not a made to measure studio and have no machines to cut the patterns for us.

But you might be wondering – is it more expensive?

The reality is that you can get quality bespoke tailoring at a similar price as made to measure (depending on design features), if not a more reasonable price.

Next time you’re at your current tailor, ask who makes the garment. Then ask yourself if you’re happy with the answer.

Vinny is an artisan and designs to your needs and specifications, not someone else’s.

Here’s a video comparing bespoke vs made to measure and off the rack.

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